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This website is owned by CAROLINA MANRESA, with Spanish ID no. (NIF) 52599023 R, whose official address is at Pere Mas, 18, 08197, Valldoreix, Catalonia, Spain. It has been created for informative purposes and personal use. Any person who accesses and uses it is deemed to be a “user” from that moment onwards, and as such this implies that they know and accept the terms described below with no reservations.

The terms in this Legal Notice may be modified in any way and revised and/or updated when CAROLINA MANRESA deems it suitable or in order to adapt them to changes in regulations and/or technology that may arise. The changes will take effect as soon as they are published on this website.

In accordance with the regulations in force regarding the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI in Spanish), we inform you on accessing this website or using it in any way, as well as on reading and accepting this LEGAL NOTICE, you are understood to accept each and every one of these general terms of use and those which CAROLINA MANRESA may stipulate at any time.

The use of certain services also implies acceptance with no reservations of the particular rules and instructions that CAROLINA MANRESA may stipulate at any time which specify, replace or complement these general terms.

CAROLINA MANRESA reserves the right to change the way the website functions and may change these General Terms at any time without prior warning.

1. Conditions of use

Users can access this website free of charge and use it under their own exclusive responsibility. Said access does not imply that any commercial, professional or any other kind of relationship has been established between CAROLINA MANRESA and the user.

The services offered on the website shall in principle be provided indefinitely. CAROLINA MANRESA may temporarily or definitively stop providing any of the services offered via the website without prior notice. CAROLINA MANRESA will give notification as far in advance as possible of the end to the provision of the service which is intended to be withdrawn.

The user agrees to use the website’s services in keeping with the Law, with this Legal Notice, with morality, with generally accepted good behaviour and with public order. Any use that contravenes the aforementioned kind of use shall be the exclusive responsibility and liability of the user with respect to CAROLINA MANRESA or to third parties whose rights may be affected.

The user must not carry out any activities that may lead to damage to the website or may disable it, overload it or deteriorate it in any way. The user must not engage in any activity that may hinder other users from using the website normally.

If the user’s use of the website contravenes the provisions of this Legal Notice, then CAROLINA MANRESA may stop providing the service to the offending party.

In general, the users are not required to register beforehand to access and use the website, although with no detriment to this, the users are required to register beforehand if they intend to use certain services. The user is solely responsible and liable for the veracity of the data they include in the registration.

This Legal Notice is applied solely to the information found on this website. It is not applicable to the content and/or services found or given through websites accessed or linked through the CAROLINA MANRESA website.

2. Cookies

The user accepts the use of cookies and IP tracking. CAROLINA MANRESA’s traffic analyser uses cookies and IP tracking, which enable us to collect data for statistical purposes: the date of the first visit, number of visits, date of the last visit, IP and domain where the visits come from.

3. Intellectual and industrial property

This website and the content within it are protected by the legislation in force as regards intellectual and industrial property. The material contained on this website is the intellectual property of CAROLINA MANRESA, of her allies, of her collaborators, of institutions to which CAROLINA MANRESA is affiliated, or else it is the result of CAROLINA MANRESA’s own information, links with news and articles from other websites, or else constitutes information, experiences or knowledge taken from other sources, which are always cited.

Access to this website does not grant the users ownership of any kind over the intellectual property rights to the content or to the website itself.

Any activity of reproduction, distribution, public communication or transformation that has not been expressly agreed to in writing by the owner is expressly prohibited. Notwithstanding the foregoing, as regards the works for which CAROLINA MANRESA owns the rights to exploitation, it is permitted to see, copy and print such documents and information contained in this website, provided that:

1. Such use always cites the source and author or owner of the copyright or with notes as regards the author’s intellectual property;
2. They are not changed, altered, transformed or distorted;
3. They are not copied or distributed out of context or for use other than the context for which they have been conceived;
4. Said activity does not imply the use of the entire contents or a part that is deemed to be essential to them, whether doing so all at once or in several different portions;
5. Any use that does not comply with these terms is not authorised by CAROLINA MANRESA and is expressly forbidden.

The trademarks, brand names, logos and other distinguishing symbols that appear or may appear on this website are the intellectual property of CAROLINA MANRESA and are protected by the legislation in force as regards intellectual property. The use or exploitation of the aforementioned distinctive symbols is forbidden. Notwithstanding the foregoing, CAROLINA MANRESA allows for use of the distinctive symbols for which she owns the rights to exploitation, provided that this is done for faithful reference purposes and provided that CAROLINA MANRESA is cited as the owner in such citations.

Third parties’ distinguishing symbols contained in this website may be registered by their owners and protected by the applicable legislation in force. In any case, the user must check on their nature and when applicable request permission before using them.

4. Content and limitation of liability

CAROLINA MANRESA reviews the information and data shown on this website, but does not guarantee their accuracy, so they may contain inaccuracies or errors. CAROLINA MANRESA is backed by the trust of many clients and carries out meticulous professional work. We hope that the information and data posted on this website are of use to you, but we cannot accept liability or the legal consequences arising from the interpretation or use of them.

CAROLINA MANRESA does not guarantee that access to this website will not be interrupted or free of errors. Under no circumstances shall CAROLINA MANRESA be held liable for damages of any kind that may arise from access and/or use of this website.

CAROLINA MANRESA does not guarantee there are no viruses or other elements that may cause damage to the users’ computer systems and is not liable for damages that may occur due to these causes.

If there are links provided to third party websites, said links shall be for informative purposes and are not in themselves an invitation to contract products and/or services that may be offered on the website to which the link leads. CAROLINA MANRESA is not liable for the content of websites to which there are links, nor shall she answer for damages or losses that may arise in connection with the use of any content, product or service available on the websites to which the links lead. Nor is CAROLINA MANRESA responsible for third parties’ opinions to which there is access via the links provided on this website. CAROLINA MANRESA does not guarantee that the links to other websites work properly.

CAROLINA MANRESA is under no obligation to confirm the legality of the products or services offered by third parties on websites that are accessed via hyperlinks she maintains on her website, nor is she in any way liable for their possible illegal nature. With no detriment to the foregoing, if CAROLINA MANRESA becomes effectively aware of their illegal nature or should have serious doubts in this regard, she must notify the competent authorities in accordance with the law. As a precautionary measure, she may also block the specific hyperlink via which the third party’s website is accessed when any of these two situations arises, as provided for in the agreement entered into between CAROLINA MANRESA and the third party, provided there is no ruling from the competent authority ratifying the legality of the product or service on the website to which the link leads. If the competent authority’s ruling dictates that the product or service offered on the website to which the link leads is illegal, CAROLINA MANRESA may block the hyperlink indefinitely and there will be no right to compensation of any kind for this reason.

The creation and use of hyperlinks from other pages to CAROLINA MANRESA’s website require her prior written consent. In any case, the fact that a hyperlink is established does not imply any commercial, professional or any other kind of relationship between the other website’s owner and CAROLINA MANRESA.

5. Applicable legislation and competent courts of law

The terms and conditions regulating this website are protected and subject to the Spanish regulations in force applicable at all times.

To resolve any kind of query, controversy, litigation, dispute or discrepancy that may arise between CAROLINA MANRESA and the user deriving from access and/or use of this website, they both agree to be subject to the Law Courts of Madrid (Spain).

6. Contact

Any user may get in touch with CAROLINA MANRESA for whatever reason via the following means:

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08197 Valldoreix
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