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We needed a graphic image to introduce ourselves to the world and we chose the graphic design studio “Senyor Estudi” to accompany us on our project. We immediately realised we had chosen one of the best with their sensitivity, attitude and talent.

They are the creators of our corporate image, the fifteen pieces that make up our “Carolina Manresa” logo in the shape of a “C”, evoking the typical dentists’ plaster moulds. They are also the authors of the phrase that so well sums up our essence and way of understanding dentistry: “Pretty Bites Healthy Smiles®”.

The corporate identity created for “Carolina Manresa” receives the Silver Prize at the Laus Awards, one of Spain’s most prestigious prizes in recognising excellence in graphic design and visual communication.

Corporate image for “Carolina Manresa” designed by Sr. Estudi and awarded the Silver Prize at the 2017 Laus Awards.