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At the 44th congress held by SEPES, the Spanish Society of Stomatological and Aesthetic Prosthetics, the dentists Laura Viñas, Neus Launau and Carolina Manresa presented two research studies into oral clinical communication: “Are composite inlays a predictable restoration treatment? A retrospective study with monitoring for 4.5 years” (“¿Son las incrustaciones de composite un tratamiento restaurador predecible? Estudio retrospectivo con seguimiento a 4,5 años”) and “Influence of bruxism on porcelain veneers. Retrospective cohort study for 3,5 years.” (“Influencia del bruxismo en las carillas de porcelana. Estudio de cohortes retrospectivo a 3,5 años.”)

The prestigious dentistry society holds it congress every year. It includes talks, courses and workshops that take place over three days in which speakers of the utmost prestige present the most innovative techniques.

Photo published in the journal Odontólogos de Hoy on 15th Nov-Dec 2014. From left to right: Dr. Laura Viñas, Dr. Carolina Manresa and Dr. Neus Launau.